Mathijs de Bruin is the founder, lead developer, and maintainer of ipfs-search. He has extensive experience as a developer, data architecht, and entrepeneur. Founding member of the coop Visualspace, a web-solutions company. He graduated in physics and philosophy at the University of Amsterdam in 2010 where he won the New Ideas Contest in 2009. An active Open Source contributor since he was 14, he is the visionary and lead developer carrying the project forward.

Kees van Drongelen is the lead designer. Kees is a experienced graphic, web and UX designer. He is passionate about finding elegant solutions for complex questions. Kees is founder and CEO of Visualspace Media Design and Technology and currently working on a start-up project about monitoring politics in Amsterdam. He combines his work with teaching coding and design.

Aad Versteden is the CEO of RedPencil, engineer, architect, developer, technical futurist, and evangelist. He is an active contributor to Open Source projects and gives occasional university guest lectures on Linked Data. RedPencil plays a vital role in facilitating the information infrastructure of the Belgian government, particularly with regards to linked data platforms. RedPencil is responsible for the technical platform in which all Flemish Decisions are made and published and software through which Cities communicate with the Flemish government.